Monday, February 9, 2009

The ABC...A Possibility? A Vision?

-For Immediate Release -

To The Citizens of Atlanta and the International Community at Large:

As a lifelong patron of The, Marcel Breuer designed, Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library -- native to the State of Georgia -- drafter of the online petition "A Plea for Preservation" -- moderator of several sites, all providing a forum of advocacy for the preservation of said library -- artist, and lover of all things fine --I present a proposal:

The Atlanta Bauhaus Center

My name is Max Eternity and I have a vision that Atlanta’s current central library – designed by Bauhaus legend Marcel Breuer -- be fully restored in order that it may be reborn and rededicated as The ABC, which stands for The Atlanta Bauhaus Center. And like the original Bauhaus School, where Breuer studied then taught, The Atlanta Bauhaus Center would be an institution with a core mission of presenting art, architecture, engineering and design in a proactive, educational environment.

This fine art library -- lecture hall -- museum -- repository -- meeting space -- would take an engaging, innovative approach toward towards addressing the issue of what role our public institutions might take toward keeping themselves relevant; better serving in their civic capacity. And with its newly stated directive, the converted Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library would be poised to provide unprecedented international leadership towards closing the gap between the literary, the technological and the artistic. Meaning that in very real terms, from cradle to college and community, The ABC would be a most powerful part of the overall library system, offering Atlanta’s diverse public an incredible opportunity for continued learning and civic interaction, leisure -- pleasure.

This would be a library like no other.

Imagine the prospects.

This link, this link and this link provide images and information about the history and current use of the site.


Max Eternity

Autodidact | Polymath

*** NOTE ***

This document was originally drafted and disseminated during the summer of 2008.