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Creative Loafing: The Fresh Loaf...Atlanta's Downtown Library in Jeopardy

Metropolis profiles Atlanta’s downtown library in jeopardy

February 18, 2009 at 12:27 pm by Thomas Wheatley in News

Creative Loafing - Architecture magazine Metropolis this month profiles the effort by Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts to raze — or is it renovate? — the historic Atlanta-Fulton County public library located downtown.

The library, completed in 1980, is the final work of famed Modernist architect Marcel Breuer and considered a masterpiece. The architecture community, enraged by the idea, wants to preserve the building.

From the magazine:

Having secured $85 million last November through a bond referendum, Pitts hopes to incorporate retail, dining, and performance space into a high-visibility property. An early choice was a site facing Centennial Olympic Park, a tourist destination bordered by such attractions as CNN Center, the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca-Cola. But opening a new main branch would mean abandoning the existing one—a design that many argue is already a world-class piece of architecture.

It’s an excellent article and worth your time. Read it in full at Metropolis’ site.

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Metropolis Mag: Atlanta's Downtown Library

February 18, 2009 - International design magazine -- art and architecture journal -- Metropolis Mag, has publish in its February issue, a featured piece about Atlanta's Downtown Library. The building, The Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library -- designed by legendary architect Marcel Breuer -- is at risk of being demolished under the auspices of Robb Pitts, a notorious Atlanta politician. Nonetheless, with both a local and national preservation effort gathering steam, the table may soon turn and Mr. Pitts will have to find himself another architectural site to pick on.

Written by renowned journalist Jonathan Lerner, those interviewed for the magazine article consists of a veritable roll call of who's who in the art and design world, including Dr. Isabelle Hyman, Barry Bergdoll, Jon Buono and Max Eternity.




Atlanta’s urge for a trendy new central library may mean that time is up for Marcel Breuer’s final building.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please Visit The New Preservation Website


In December 2008 a new online petition and preservation website was created for the Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library preservation cause. At that site -- the new site -- you will find a wonderful introductiary essay, written by Professor Emerita @ New York University, Dr. Isabelle Hyman, author and noted Marcel Breuer scholar. Click here to visit the new site.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Petition Reaches 300 -- Thanks for Your Support

300 Signatures in 8 Weeks !


To: The Fulton County Board of Commissioners

To: The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, Director John Szabo
To: Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Chairman John Eaves
To: The City of Atlanta, Mayor Shirley Franklin

We call to you attention that any and all attempts to obscure, defund and otherwise, with willful intent, delegitimize the great, historical significance of the currently standing and fully functioning, 28 year-old Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library, are now being met with resistance; as witnessed in the formation of this petition, operating in tandem with other forms of collective civic action.

We call to your attention that this declaration makes no assumptions about what may become, as we are most concerned with what we feel should be.

We call to your attention that the architectural site that we seek to protect and preserve was designed by legendary architect Marcel Breuer, who counts among his more than 300 public and private commissions, with being credited for the design of The Whitney Museum in New York City, the HUD and HEW buildings in Washington D.C. and (in a partnership) the UNESCO building in Paris, France.

We call to your attention that it is our desire to work with, not against, the leadership and stewardship of this collective civic investment, in that we believe that "to remove a significant modernist monument -- important in and for its time and still satisfactorily fulfilling its original function to serve the community -- designed by a major architect of historical importance and world renown, would be a serious civic blunder in the cultural history of Atlanta"

So let it now be known that all who sign herein speak peacefully, in a unified spirit of service, cooperation and preservation with the hope that our voices shall be known, counted and heard. As we ask that the leadership attributed to deciding the fate of this site, regard this petition as a formal request that said leaders make a sincere and honest pledge toward instituting a policy of site renovation and preservation in respect to Marcel Breuer's enduring legacy as expressed in his final epic work, the iconic Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library.


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Monday, February 9, 2009

The ABC...A Possibility? A Vision?

-For Immediate Release -

To The Citizens of Atlanta and the International Community at Large:

As a lifelong patron of The, Marcel Breuer designed, Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library -- native to the State of Georgia -- drafter of the online petition "A Plea for Preservation" -- moderator of several sites, all providing a forum of advocacy for the preservation of said library -- artist, and lover of all things fine --I present a proposal:

The Atlanta Bauhaus Center

My name is Max Eternity and I have a vision that Atlanta’s current central library – designed by Bauhaus legend Marcel Breuer -- be fully restored in order that it may be reborn and rededicated as The ABC, which stands for The Atlanta Bauhaus Center. And like the original Bauhaus School, where Breuer studied then taught, The Atlanta Bauhaus Center would be an institution with a core mission of presenting art, architecture, engineering and design in a proactive, educational environment.

This fine art library -- lecture hall -- museum -- repository -- meeting space -- would take an engaging, innovative approach toward towards addressing the issue of what role our public institutions might take toward keeping themselves relevant; better serving in their civic capacity. And with its newly stated directive, the converted Atlanta-Fulton Central Public Library would be poised to provide unprecedented international leadership towards closing the gap between the literary, the technological and the artistic. Meaning that in very real terms, from cradle to college and community, The ABC would be a most powerful part of the overall library system, offering Atlanta’s diverse public an incredible opportunity for continued learning and civic interaction, leisure -- pleasure.

This would be a library like no other.

Imagine the prospects.

This link, this link and this link provide images and information about the history and current use of the site.


Max Eternity

Autodidact | Polymath

*** NOTE ***

This document was originally drafted and disseminated during the summer of 2008.